Beautiful Lighting In Spain’s Restaurant District

Hey guys, I created this blog because I’m taking a trip to Spain and I want to share with you everything I come across in my wild journey through Europe. I am a interior and exterior designer and I want to really broaden my horizons when it come to decorating. I have a big project coming up, where I have to design the inside of many Spanish style restaurants ¬†and need restaurant lighting ideas.

One concern of mine is that I needed light fixtures that had a really authentic feel to them. Many of the lights in the restaurants look handmade and have a vintage yet modern look to them. I took some snap shots of a few that really caught my eye and I wanted to share them with everyone.

Restaurant Lighting

I think I am definitely going to use these on my next project. These lights have a very nice look to them and will really give the restaurant an authentic feel that only comes from getting out an experiencing the beautiful country of Spain. I hope you enjoyed my first posts and can’t wait to post again to keep everyone caught up on my adventure into Western Europe.