Lights for Barns In Spain

As I traveled through Spain, I eventually hit the country where I ran into many small towns. These small towns we’re known for their lavish old barns. I noticed many of them had not been updated in a while and still had lanterns instead of lighting fixtures. They housed horses and other animals and thought it was odd because they were not able to work late into the evening due to the lack of light. The houses that were near by did have electricity, and had the ability to connect some wire into their barn tin order to provide electricity to their barns.

After getting some great ideas from all the beautiful authentic restaurants I had been to, I decided to knock on some of the doors of the people who owned these barns and ask them if they would be willing to allow me to install some  barn lights in their barns. I told them I would be willing to do it free of charge so I would be able to take pictures of the barns with the lights so I could add them to my portfolio. They loved the idea and told me to go ahead and get started whenever I wanted.

vintage barn in spain

I chose some cool barn lights that would compliment these barns very nicely. It worked out great because there was a barn lighting store that was just on the other side of town that had great deals on lights. I went ahead and got started and it was a little tougher than I originally thought to install these barn lights in these old vintage barns.

barn light electric

After a few hours of work, everything came along successfully and I got some really good pictures for my portfolio. They were also very pleased with the work and told me it’s something they had always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time for. It felt good to do something nice as well as continue to build up my project portfolio to show when I get back home.

Beautiful Lighting In Spain’s Restaurant District

Hey guys, I created this blog because I’m taking a trip to Spain and I want to share with you everything I come across in my wild journey through Europe. I am a interior and exterior designer and I want to really broaden my horizons when it come to decorating. I have a big project coming up, where I have to design the inside of many Spanish style restaurants  and need restaurant lighting ideas.

One concern of mine is that I needed light fixtures that had a really authentic feel to them. Many of the lights in the restaurants look handmade and have a vintage yet modern look to them. I took some snap shots of a few that really caught my eye and I wanted to share them with everyone.

Restaurant Lighting

I think I am definitely going to use these on my next project. These lights have a very nice look to them and will really give the restaurant an authentic feel that only comes from getting out an experiencing the beautiful country of Spain. I hope you enjoyed my first posts and can’t wait to post again to keep everyone caught up on my adventure into Western Europe.